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Mouse Votre KM-309 1000DPI High Resolution 3 Buttons


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MS VOT 101

Mouse Votre KM-309 1000DPI High Resolution 3 Buttons


3 Buttons Optical Mouse
High precision optical mouse
1000DPI high resolution
USB port is available
NO driver required
Ergonomic design
Plug and Play

Universal Enroll
This model include 1 serall wheel for easy navigation and it acts As a third button, the navigation button can asla programed by Windows Mouse control panel

Fashion Design Powerful function
This stylish mouse is a great value, It offers good links. Durability and easy of use ,at a very attractive cast, This stylish Mouse features an ergonomic symmetrical design that offer Comfort for left and right hand users.

High Fidelity
The 10000PI optical senser provides precise tracking and glides Insothly over any surface, Namoro sralis cursor movement. No moving parts means no need cleaning and maintenance

The Newest Design Gives You More
This new fashion mouse bas USD connection provides maximum flexibility for Plug and play connection. Easy to carry with especially Notebook users. Compatibility with desktop, laptop, Tablet PC or Mac Windows 7/8/10 IDS system and Linux system all supported

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