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AD 1025Adapter Charger 3 in 1


  1. Providing Multiple USB Ports. You can charge your devices at the same time
  2. Suitable for almost all phone iPhone/ iPod/ mobile phone/ Tablet/ Camera/ MP3/ MP4 and other devices with USB 5V input
  3. The Power Cable is 1m long
  4. USB Port 5V 1A for iPhone, Mobile Phone and other equipment
  5. USB Port 5V 2A is for devices with greater currency demand load, of course, you can use it charge your iPhones, mobile phone, or other digitals
  6. With built-in protection IC, can provide high Loading efficiency of firewall. The charger housing will give a safe protection
  7. The LED Indicator shows the charging process
  8. With voltage protection inside, avoid leakage or your loss and will give a good protection

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Berat 150 gram


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