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Mouse Prolink PMW6005


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MS PRO 1021Mouse Prolink PMW6005

PROLiNK® PMW6005 2.4GHz Wireless Optical Mouse is designed to provide reliability and efficiency for users. The advanced 2.4GHz wireless anti-interference technology ensures a reliable working distance of up to 10 meters without delays or dropouts.

The mouse also comes with useful features such as the near-frictionless scroll wheel that can be used to browse through long documents at hyper-speed. You can also choose to adjust to your preferred mouse sensitivity with the convenient DPI switch button.

Users will never have to worry about replacing the battery frequently, as the mouse comes with power-saving mode that reduces power consumption allowing it to last an incredible 12 months!

PROLiNK® PMW6005 is the ideal companion for your PC or laptop for everyday work that requires efficiency and reliable performance.

Key Features

Advanced 2.4GHz Wireless 
 – Strong wireless connection of distance up to 10 meters.
Ultra Small Nano Receiver 
 - Barely noticeable USB receiver upon plug-in.
Control and Precision
– Browse through documents conveniently with the near- frictionless scroll wheel or back and forward buttons.
- Select your preferred cursor speed with the convenient DPI switch button.
Power Saving
– Battery life of up to 12 months
– Smart sleep mode to reduce power consumption

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