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Cooling Pad Deepcool M5 FS


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CP 1172Cooling Pad Deepcool M5 FS

Design :

Sleek Design

Sleek design with shinning material, it allows optimal airflow through the panel to cool the laptop effectively.

Blue LED Fan

M5 FS is not only having 180mm big fan but also the blue LED lights. The blue lights add to the aesthetics of the cooler and catch your eyes.

Fan Speed Adjusted

180mm fan with speed adjustable offers quiet and efficient airflow. You can depend on your requirement to adjust the airflow.

USB Extension

M5 FS is built with two USB ports. You can connect the USB cable to the “USB IN” port to power the cooler up and get the data from your notebook. Then you can use the “U

Application For
Compatible with 17″ notebooks and below.
Technical Spec
Overall Dimension Fan Dimension Net Weight Bearing Type
386X335X52mm 180X15mm 1045g Hydro Bearing
Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Started Voltage Rated Current
5VDC 4.5~5VDC 2.8VDC 0.12±10%~0.22±10%A
Power Input Fan Speed Max. Air Flow Noise
0.6~1.1W 600±150~1000±10%RPM 67.25CFM 19.6-26.3dB(A)

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