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AMD A4-4020 Richland

KodePA A4 4020
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Detail Produk AMD A4-4020 Richland

Processor AMD Richland A4-4020

Processor AMD Richland A4-4020

Spesifikasi Processor AMD APU A4-4020

Brand AMD
Series A-Series APU
CPU Socket Type Socket FM2
Core Name Richland
# of Cores Dual-Core
Name A4-4020
Operating Frequency 3.2GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.4GHz
L1 Cache 64 KB shared instruction caches
2 x 16 KB data caches
L2 Cache 1MB
Manufacturing Tech 32nm
64-Bit Support Yes
Virtualization Technology Support Yes
Integrated Graphics AMD Radeon HD7000 Series
Thermal Design Power 65W
Cooling Device Heatsink and fan included

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